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If you are a current (fully active) student looking for the audio commentary, go back and click on the lock and enter your ID and password. If you are a “preliminary” student and have completed installation of the Real Audio Player, click on the left icon below to get access to the list of Arthur's current audio lessons and/or commentaries. They have a “.ram” file extension. If you are not a yet a student, and are considering joining us, click on the right icon below to listen to an introductory audio commentary from the Trading Tutor.
Audio Commentary
“Preliminary” Students
Audio Commentary

The audio commentary is in RealAudio format. If you have a soundcard and speakers connected, you can hear it in “streaming” mode, which means you don't have to wait for a large file to download. The RealAudio Player will normally start playing the commentary within 10 seconds after you click on the button above. You must be using NetScape or MS Internet Explorer (or AOL-for-Win95) to hear the audio commentary in streaming mode... both can use the free RealAudio player. For more info about RealAudio, go to If you've got a slow connection or the audio breaks up ("stutters") for some other reason, in the RealAudio Player edit your "Preferences" to tell it the right modem connection speed (bandwidth) and to adjust Performance (buffer) settings.


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